Lighting Design for an Optimum Environment

We do not often stop to think about just how critical the role of lighting plays in our lives. When you think about the variety of tasks we perform every day such as working at the kitchen table, reading in bed, hosting friends in the dining room, enjoying family game night in the living room, or applying makeup at your vanity, we, at Kowalchuk Construction, see just how critical good lighting is to maximize your efficiency. Our experts will take care of the details and help define the function of each room in your home.

When using a lighting designer on a home project, you experience both engineering expertise combined with sublime interior design all in one. Good lighting design incorporates science, art, and business to create showstopping works of illumination to elevate your home’s ambiance and practicality. A lighting artist can create works of radiance to enhance the architecture and the design to make your house a home. We strive to combine the latest, sought after, and tested equipment and technology on the market to provide cost-effective solutions. Various mockups will be created with design layouts and calculations to give you a range of options that cater to your wants and needs.

Whether renovating, building an addition, or building your dream home from the ground up, we will help you achieve your desired look and will help put together a proper lighting plan. You also will never have to wonder if the electrical work will coincide with the design plans; we will take care of all the details and create a stunning flow of light that will enhance any space, giving it that warm and inviting feeling. We know how to make the best use of light by taking into consideration the functionality of the room and can create various effects to evoke a certain mood.

For instance, the living room may just be the room where you want the most versatility. Whether you’re hosting a game night, binge-watching your favorite show, taking a nap, reading a book, or just relaxing, you want lighting that will accommodate all these activities. Not only is lighting important here but so is color. We can create a design to tie the colors and art in your living room with proper and effective lighting.

Lighting in the bedroom will require a more personal feel by combining ambient lighting created by the addition of recessed fixtures, track lighting, bedside lamps, and various other features. You may want to take into reflection whether or not you read in bed, if you prefer a more natural light to wake up to, if you would like to dim your lights whilst getting ready for bed and whether or not you plan on watching TV in your room.

When creating a lighting plan for your kitchen, we make sure to sort out even the most minute details. We understand that your kitchen is the star of your home. Seeing as it is arguably the most used room in a house, is it also the most complex room for lighting design. To make sure your kitchen will be effective for cooking, working, and even entertaining, a well-lit design plan is a must. A single overhead fixture will not likely be enough.

No matter the size of the bathroom, proper lighting can make a pretty big impact. From a small half bath guests will use to a master bathroom where you can get ready at either the sink or a separate vanity, lighting function is vital. Making sure the correct lighting is utilized especially when doing your hair and makeup will make all the difference.

At Kowalchuk Construction, we strive to develop the perfect lighting plan for your home. We offer skillful lighting design that adds value and uniqueness to your home while adhering to your budget. Accentuating architecture to its full potential while offering professional services is what we strive to accomplish.