The Importance of Building Science

Going Beyond “Green”

When we take a look at buildings today, we see green building as a forefront integrated into projects, codes,
and even mandated by building authorities. Technological advancements have allowed us to incorporate new methods of building into today’s construction. Not only has technology advanced construction, it has also propelled the use of energy efficiency which is being adopted by the scientific principles of building. The key to today’s construction is finding the right balance between a durable, secure home and an energy-efficient smart build.

What is Building Science?

Building science is the physical behavior of buildings and their impact on energy efficiency, comfort, health, safety, and durability. It is focused on the full life cycle of a building which includes, but is not limited to, planning, design, construction, conservation, and demolition of the project. It is a multi-discipline collaboration between architects, civil, structural and mechanical engineers and other specialists in the fields of acoustical and lighting design. Not only is it important to understand how to apply the principles of physics to the structure, it is vital for optimal design and maximization of building performance.

What We Do

Here at Kowalchuk Construction, we focus on the building science to optimize your home, enhance building performance and ensuring its sustainability for years to come. We aim to prevent building failures as well as build with innovative solutions such as: facade engineering, systems integration, energy modelling, moisture and condensation analyses, and physiology and thermal comfort. We strive to understand how each component interacts with one another to make your home as efficient, functional, and beautiful as possible.

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